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Euro Fleets​

EurofleetsPlus is a project founded by the European Union under the grant number 824077. The project will start next February 2019 and will finish on February 2023. EurofleetsPlus will facilitate open access to an integrated and advanced research vessel fleet, designed to meet the evolving and challenging needs of the user community.

European and international researchers from academia and industry will be able to apply for several access programmes, through a single-entry system. EurofleetsPlus will prioritize support for research on sustainable, clean and healthy oceans, linking with existing ocean observation infrastructures, and support innovation through working closely with industry.

The project will enable access to a unique fleet of 27 state-of-the-art research vessels from European and international partners. Through competitive Calls, researchers will be able to access the entire North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Pacific Southern Ocean and Ross Sea. In addition to ship time, researchers will also have access to new Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles.

A unique portable telepresence system will enable virtual access by researchers and diverse end users including the public; a first for Europe. In addition to comprehensive transnational and virtual access activities, the project will undertake joint research activities to meet the evolving challenges of marine research, in particular, deep ocean research and exploration, data management, and virtual access.

In this project, Coronis will take part on the following tasks: intelligent AUV mapping, online target recognition and robot view planning, online 3D mapping and quality assessment.